It’s Green for a Reason

As the cartoon plane approached Ireland’s coast on the map in front of me, I peered outside the plane to catch my first glimpse of the Emerald Isle. All I saw was white, and then the plane sunk below the clouds.

Green. Everywhere I looked was green.

There were odd-shaped green fields, divided by green trees. Miniscule cows and sheep grazed on green pastures, dotted with green shrubs and green bushes. Quaint farm houses and churches, isolated on great, big green lawns, were spotted on the green hills that rose and fell over the green landscape.

I leaned over to the man sitting in my aisle and said, “It’s just so green.”

“It’s green for a reason,” he said with a smirk and an Irish lilt. He and his five-year-old American son were visiting family for the first time in years. “Look, baby. That’s our Ireland!”

I walked out of the airport to my group’s bus, and knew immediately what he meant by “green for a reason.” A dreary mist set over the parking lot, and it hasn’t let up for the last nine hours. It’s wet, it’s windy, and it’s very chilly for someone who left a place where the heat index was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, it’s beautiful. Every crack in the sidewalk, every free space of ground is green and wildflowers grow everywhere. I even saw some pink flowers growing out of the side of a stone bridge, ten feet above ground. Sheep, cattle and horses graze and are kept in their pastures by basic wooden fences or old stone walls.

I can’t wait to see what this trip holds!

Thanks for reading,


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